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How To Adjust Your Water Usage For Cold Weather

36510190_sThere are just a few weeks between now and the winter weather, and so many things to get done. Walk into any store and you’ll already see holiday decorations for sale! A little early, we think! But, what’s never too early is getting your plumbing system cold weather ready. When those temperatures start to drop, time is up. So, it is always better to be proactive and get your chores done now, rather than later.

It doesn’t take much to insulate your outdoor plumbing, and it gives you that extra bit of protection. You can pick up insulated sleeves at any home improvement store and install them on your outdoor plumbing fixtures.

This step takes very little time, and when the cold snap passes, you can easily remove the sleeve. Having a ruptured or leaking water line outside is, perhaps, more damaging than one indoors because the leak goes undetected for so long. The water has more time to cause damage than if it happened inside. Taking extra steps to prevent this from happening is always worth the investment of time and money.

Saving water during the cold weather is also a big concern. Fall seems like a strange time to be worried about saving water, because there’s so much of it falling from the sky, but it is important to be thinking ahead and making sure there is plenty of water for spring and summer.

Here are some things that you can your family can do to save water this fall:

  • Use water-saving fixtures. Having showerheads and faucets installed that conserve water is a great way to make sure that you and your family are saving water all year around. These fixtures vary is efficiency and cost but, they all work to save water. Because water-conservation is such a priority, you can find these fixtures is various styles so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in the name of water conservation.
  • Change your sprinkler schedule. Make sure to talk with your landscaper or, check the owner’s manual to change the watering schedule for your sprinkler system. This ensures that your system won’t be running when it doesn’t need to be since your lawn and plants need less water during the cold weather.
  • As always, be thoughtful around the house when washing loads of dishes or laundry. Washing full loads can make a big difference in how much water your home uses. These appliances are an absolute necessity for making sure that your household runs smoothly, but they also use a lot of resources including water. Washing full loads rather than smaller half-loads is the number one way to ensure efficiency.

Now that the fall weather is in full swing, it’s time to be thinking and planning for the winter. Use these tips for saving water and you will be in good shape when the spring finally arrives.



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