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Safety Tips For DIY Plumbing Projects

37910646_sIf you have fall plumbing projects on your list of things to get done before the cold weather arrives, safety is of the utmost importance. Being safe when working on home improvement projects is the best way to make sure that your project goes smoothly. In fact, each year thousands of people are brought into emergency rooms for treatment of injuries from a slip and fall, a power tool, and hazardous materials in their eyes or face.

Hiring a professional plumbing is usually going to be the best and easiest way to get your plumbing project done. But, if there are some aspects of the project that you feel confident working on, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Make sure that you always wear gloves. Your plumbing system can be slippery due to water and condensation, and if you are working to untighten a fitting and your hand slips, you could significantly skin your knuckles. This injury is difficult to treat because it will continue to open when you use your hand. Getting bacteria into an open wound is a serious concern when working with plumbing. Wearing thick, work gloves will help to prevent this scenario from happening, and waterproof gloves are even better.
  • Make sure that you wear goggles. Depending on which area of your plumbing system you are working on, and what the issue is, the materials inside the system could be under significant pressure. Once that pressure is relieved, the materials are likely to come shooting up and out of a drain. Make sure your face is not over that drain, and if it is, make sure that you are wearing goggles. If you have used a drain cleaner, it is still down there and the highly corrosive ingredients of the drain cleaner will damage your eyes and skin.
  • Make sure that you wear a mask. When working with your plumbing system there could be all sorts of hazards to your respiratory system. Bacteria that is in the water or basin can get into the air and breathed into your system, or mold that has started growing because of a leak. Anytime you are working with your plumbing system it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Fall is in full swing and there are still some great weather days to get projects checked off of your list. Make sure that you are being safe and following these tips so that your project, your plumbing, and you are in good shape for winter.

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