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Tips For Making Sure Your Dishwasher Makes It Through The Holidays

32774493_sThere are many choices that you make throughout the year about what products you purchase. But, during the holiday season, when you are hosting people in your home for brunch or dinner, those choices can make a real difference.

This is especially true for your dishwasher. Throughout the year, you purchase various containers of dishwasher detergent but, it is important to be thoughtful of the kind that you are buying.

After a large holiday meal, there is no other appliance in your home that is as important as your dishwasher. This is the one appliance that you can count on to make your job easier and get you back to spending time with your family.

So, having a malfunction in your dishwasher could be really devastating. Not only does hand washing dishes use more water and power but, it takes a lot more time.

As with all appliances, maintenance is an important part of keeping your dishwasher working well all year around, and the type of soap that you use is a big part of that. Here are some tips for which kind of dishwasher soap you should use in your dishwasher:

  • Buying in bulk is usually the most cost effective option and can be very convenient. But, when it comes to dishwasher soap, it is best not to buy in bulk because of the shelf-life of the product. A bucket of powered detergent only has about a 2-week shelf life once it has been opened. Instead, purchase the tablets or soap pods in bulk that have been designed to be resistant to drying out.
  • A powdered detergent is always better than a gel detergent when you have the option. A gel detergent will leave behind a residue in your dishwasher and overtime that residue can gum up the various parts of your dishwasher. Also, gel detergents usually have a chlorine bleach additive, which can be corrosive to the rubber seals and gaskets of your dishwasher.
  • Make sure that the detergent that you buy is specifically for use in dishwashers. Using a liquid dish soap or some other kind of soap could cause serious problems for the mechanisms of your dishwasher.

As you are shopping to get your home prepared for hosting this holiday season, make sure to keep these tips in mind and pick up a dishwasher detergent that will be gentle on your appliances. Stick with it all year around and ensure that your dishwasher is in top working order.

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