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3 Reasons For Discolored Water In Your Home Plumbing

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Now that we are well into the summer break, the weather has heated up and reached the highs that we know and expect from this time of year.


The summer months are a great time for spending time with friends and family doing some really fun activities. And, most of the time those activities involve being around some type of body of water.


It’s no wonder that lakes, rivers, and public swimming pools boast a much higher rate of visitors during the summer months. Staying cool during the summer is a top priority, and it makes spending time together a lot more enjoyable.


In addition to spending time in or near water, it is important to drink water during these summer months. This is the time of year when dehydration can sneak up on you and cause some serious health symptoms.


But, what happens when you turn on your faucet to fill your cup and the water that is coming out is a strange color? Here are a couple of reasons that your water might be discolored:


  • The number one reason that the water coming out of your tap is discolored is that there is a high quantity of magnesium in the water. If the water coming out of your faucet is black, take a look in your toilet tank. If the water in there is black too – then you have a build up of magnesium in your water system.
  • A second reason that your water might be a strange color is that the pipes or your system are steel or galvanized and there are mineral flakes getting into your water from rust or iron. This is typical for older homes where the pipes have been in the ground for awhile
  • If you have a water softening system installed, the softening agent can sometimes build up into resin beads and create a discoloration of your water. If you are on a well, the cause could be just that the water has a high mineral content due to the soil that the well is dug into.


None of these causes for water discoloration will hurt you or your family if you drink the water. However, it is important to have your system checked by a professional plumber to identify the reason that your water has turned colors. It is best to know for sure what the cause is so you know for sure if it is harmful or not.

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