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Prevent Winter Damage To Your Plumbing Pipes In 4 Steps!

32407520_sWhile most people are thinking about getting those last minute gift items and spending times with friends and family this time of the year – it is also a very important time to be thinking about your plumbing system.

None of us really want to be thinking about anything to do with our plumbing – no matter what time of the year it is.

But, the winter season is when the weather can take a real toll on our plumbing system. In fact, no other season of the year is as harsh on your plumbing system as the winter is.

The cold weather wreaks havoc on all parts of your system too. Everything from the pipes that are buried in the ground, to the pipes under your sinks, to the water heater that is in your garage or laundry room.

The winter season is when the weather can be so hard on your plumbing system that pipes freeze and can crack right open. Once the thaw happens, those busted pipes will leak water all over the place!

Thankfully, you can easily avoid this scenario by doing a few simple things:


  • If you have an older home that may not be insulated as well as it could be, it is a good idea to keep the thermostat turned up a few degrees during the night when you are sleeping and the weather gets even colder. This can help to combat the freezing temperature from creeping in around your plumbing system.
  • If there are places in your home that get especially cold and there is plumbing – consider running a space heater to protect the plumbing from freezing. Keeping the temperature of the room warm will make it much harder for the water in the pipes to freeze
  • If you are going to be leaving your home for the holidays, turn the main water shut off valve off to protect your plumbing from freezing while you are gone. If you can’t be home to gauge the weather and how your home will fare, it is best to just prevent any kind of disaster from happening.


Make sure that your home is protected this winter from the harsh temperatures by following the tips on this list. Keeping all of the pipes in your plumbing system protected from the winter weather is essential to making the winter months as cozy as possible.

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