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It’s Time to Replace That Toilet

You’ve been putting up with it for too long. Your toilet has shown signs it needs to be replaced, and you’re starting to get frustrated. Whether it only flushes right some of the time or runs constantly, keeping you awake at night, here’s why you don’t want to allow an old toilet to continue to cause problems.


New Toilets Are More Efficient

You know the importance of energy-efficiency, especially in California’s desert climate. If your toilet is old, it uses up to five gallons of water every time you flush. New models are much more energy efficient. Some models use just over a gallon every time you flush. Imagine the difference that could make in the course of a year.


Lower Water Bills

If you have four people in your family and each person flushes just five times a day, an old toilet might be using 100 gallons every day, or 36,500 gallons in a year. Install an energy-efficient model that takes 1.6 gallons to flush and with the same usage, you only consume 32 gallons a day, 11,680 gallons in a year. Think what a difference that could make for your water bill.


Reduced Maintenance

If your plunger has been sitting next to the toilet for years, it’s time for a change. Frequent clogs and leaks are a headache, and it’s expensive to have to call a plumber. Problems like a cracked tank or leaking seal can make your toilet unusable and lead to water-damaged flooring. Instead of the constant need for maintenance, a new toilet will provide years of problem-free use.


Improved Style

Real estate professionals say the best place to spend your home improvement dollars is in the kitchen and the bathroom. When you add a more stylish toilet, you update your space and add value to your home.

If your toilet has problems, don’t wait any longer to call a professional. Contact Flowrite Plumbing today.






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