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Treat Your Plumbing Right in 2018

A new year is here, a time when people make resolutions to help them in life, love, and work. In 2018, why not include your plumbing in that? This year, make a resolution to treat your Citrus Heights, CA home better – including its plumbing.


Here are some suggestions you can consider in planning your 2018 plumbing resolutions.


Schedule a Physical

As with our health, many people forget about their plumbing system until something goes wrong. To avoid an unnecessary emergency, take time early this year to schedule an inspection of your system. Be prepared to follow up on recommendations a professional plumber gives you if you want to prevent further damage and expenses in the future.


Stop Abuse

Plumbers across the world regularly marvel at what people think they can get away with sending down their toilets, often doing so when something breaks as a result. Toilets are for human fluids and waste and toilet paper. Toss the rest in the trash, including products labeled as “flushable.” Many of these items will clog old systems with one or two-time use. For newer systems, they may not cause an immediate problem, but the buildup of them in your system might.


Make Backup Plans

It’s always good to have backup plans for when something goes wrong. What would you do if the power went out during your work project? You’d have a battery backup or a cloud service to restore your work. Now, imagine the power going out on your sump pump in a storm. Get a battery backup installed to keep the pump fully operational.


Keep an Eye on the Disposal

Take the time to learn what should and should not be sent through the disposal, display the list near the switch, and make a point of cleaning and maintaining your disposal throughout the year.


If you need more advice to protect your plumbing system this year, talk to the pros at Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights, CA. Schedule an inspection to ensure your water heater, disposal, and other plumbing systems are in tip top shape, keep a backup plan in mind, and watch what goes down the drain.

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