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How to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing System for its Warm Weather Needs

In the spring and summer, the strain placed on your plumbing system commonly rises. Using the hose, having the kids at home, filling the pool, taking multiple showers on the warmest days, and even not using your system while on vacation can have an impact on the functioning of your home’s plumbing. To ensure your Citrus Heights, CA, home is equipped to handle being used more often for the warmest months of the year, look at the following maintenance tips to help you manage additional plumbing needs for this season.


Examine Hoses and Valves

Even though many homeowners don’t think about the potential for leaks during the spring and summer months because they correlate them with frozen pipes in the winter, leaks and flooding are common summer plumbing issues. Hoses and valves are the areas with the most issues during the warm months. Oftentimes, people tend to forget washing machine hoses, which are one of the main causes of summer-time floods. In order to reduce the chances of an issue with your hose and its connections, examine all the hoses on your property to make sure they are tight, and switch all of your valves on and off to check that they are functioning properly.


Examine Your Hot Water Heater

Since you will use your hot water heater less during the warmer months, it is a great time to take preventive measures to ensure it is functioning efficiently. Drain and examine your heater thoroughly, paying close attention to the heating elements, anode rod, and gas burner equipment. If there are any issues, consider getting them replaced during the summer instead of waiting until the colder months, when the demand for water heater repairs and replacements will be heavier.


Install Outdoor Water Faucets

The warmer months provide homeowners with the opportunity to investigate their outdoor plumbing conditions and determine if they require brand-new hose bibs.


Examine Water Pressure

With the ability to affect virtually every area of your home, homeowners should make time to check the water pressure regularly during the summer months. Professionals recommend investing in a pressure gauge or calling a plumber to check the water pressure. Because not flushing the toilets or running the water in a home can drive pressure to start building up in a plumbing system, it is especially important for homeowners who are planning to go out of town this spring and summer to get their water pressure checked prior to their departure.


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