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Plumbing Problems You Cannot Fix Without a Professional

No matter how handy you are, there are certain plumbing problems you cannot properly fix on your own. Even with the right materials, official training can be necessary. By trying to attempt them, yourself, you may cause further damage or simply put off the issue until it reappears later. Following are plumbing problems you cannot fix without hiring a professional plumber.

You Have a Damp Spot in Your Lawn or Garden

After a heavy spring rain, it is normal for there to be puddles and wet spots in your lawn. However, if you notice areas that are not drying, you could have a problem. Continuous wet spots may indicate a burst pipe beneath the ground. Trying to repair a pipe underground is too complicated to attempt without hiring a professional. A professional plumber can locate the exact location of the burst and repair or replace it.

Dampness Under Your House or in Your Floors

Similar to wet spots outside, the spring showers can damage the inside of your home. If you see wet spots on your floors that are not drying, it could indicate a serious problem that warrants a professional. You could have a burst or leaky pipe under your home. If it continues to leak, the pipe could do severe damage to the structural integrity of your house.

Damaged Water Line

Water lines, though not expected to need repairs frequently, can sometimes need attention from a professional. You may have a problem with your water line if you notice the following signs:

  • Your water pressure becomes lower and lower over a few months
  • Leaks or corrosion in portions of the water line that are above the ground

Multiple Dripping Faucets

Having just one dripping faucet is a common problem with an easy fix. If you have multiple faucets that are leaking, there could be a larger issue going on. A professional plumber has the training and knowledge to examine the situation and find the root of all the leaking. Dripping faucets waste thousands of gallons of water a year, so it is important to fix your leaky faucets as soon as you notice them.

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