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Never Throw These Four Items Down Your Drain

Dealing with a clogged drain is a headache for many homeowners in the Houston, Texas, area. Fortunately, there are numerous preventive measures you can adopt to reduce the chances of a clog developing in the first place. Recognizing exactly what should and shouldn’t be put down your drains is the best place to start in your effort to prevent blockages. There are several common items that can cause significant damage to the drains in your home. Check out the following list of what to avoid putting down your drains to keep clogs at bay this season.


Grease and Oil


Never put grease down your any of your kitchen drains, no matter how convenient it may seem at the time. Cooking oils and grease are especially prone to harden and solidify when they get down your drain. As a result, this causes them to stick to your pipes and result in serious clogs.


Food Scraps 


Never put any type of food remains down your drains, as many common foods can result in build-up and blockages. For example, typical carbs such as pasta, mashed potatoes, rice, and bread are high in starch and should never be thrown down your drain. These foods are prone to absorbing water regardless of whether they have been completely cooked, which can cause them to expand within your pipes and create clogs. Make a point to throw all your leftover carbs in the trash rather than in your drains.




Hair is one of the most common factors leading to clogged drains. While it can be difficult to prevent hair from getting down your bathroom drains, cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis can do wonders to eliminate excess hair and prevent it from accumulating near your drains. Better yet, purchase a drain strainer to install on your bathroom drains that can effectively filter hair before it has the opportunity to get down into your piping system. 


Coffee Grounds 


Coffee grounds that make their way down your pipes can harden and create an unpleasant clog. Rather than dumping excess coffee grounds into your sink, dispose of them in the trash to reduce the chance of a clog developing.


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