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How to Spot a Water Main Issue

The water main in your home carries water from your city water company, pump, or well into your home’s water fixtures and appliances. When you notice poor water pressure or little to no water flow, there is likely some problem with your water main that requires immediate attention.

Poor to No Water Pressure

This is usually the first sign of a water main issue. If you turn on a sink faucet and only see a drip or you hear a clanking sound when you try to turn on your shower, you may have a problem with your water line. Typically, each home has two different water main switches: one controlled by the water company, and one inside the home to turn water flow on and off to the piping system of the home. 

If your local water company is performing maintenance work in your neighborhood, they may need to shut off water to your whole block for a certain period but they will notify you in advance. If you encounter problems after any water company work, they may have forgotten to turn the water supply back on to your home and you can likely fix this with a quick call to the water company. If the problem isn’t on the city’s end, then it is likely your home’s water main valve isn’t fully opened or there is a defect or other issue with the water main.


If you notice water pooling on your property, you may have suffered a breakage in your main water supply pipe that requires immediate repair. Sometimes, water mains break outside the property and can cause flooding in the yard. If you notice either scenario, call a plumber immediately.


Homeowners who rely on well water may face unique issues from droughts and local issues, but generally a professional plumber will be able to diagnose and fix a problem with your water main or problems with a well causing low water pressure. For water main issues in Citrus Heights, CA, call Flowrite Plumbing today for professional help. 

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