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How to Prevent Drain Damage at Home

4 Tips for Preventing Damaged Drains

We experience many issues with our drains in Citrus Heights. From fat and oil build-up in the kitchen sinks to excess hair in our showers, we see many forms of drain issues at homes and businesses – and if left alone, the damage can be irreparable. You can prevent many common causes of drain damage by following these tips.

#1: Always Collect Your Cooking Grease

You should never pour cooking oil or grease down your drain. This can lead to huge, congealed clogs that are difficult to fix and can cause significant damage to your plumbing systems. Instead, set aside a jar to collect your grease after you use it. You can store this jar in the fridge to reuse your grease or you can toss it after it solidifies.

#2: Invest in Shower Mesh Screens

Hair and soap build-up can lead to nasty clogs in your shower drains. Over time, you may even need a drain snake to remove this blockage. To prevent these materials getting down your drain in the first place, invest in mesh screens or drain stoppers to catch hair while you are showering.

#3: Don’t Rely on the Disposal

If you rely on your disposal to rid your home of food waste, end this habit as soon as possible. While this option may seem convenient, many foods do not break down with water and can lead to significant clogs over time. Instead, start composting your food waste by collecting it in a designated bin.

#4: Clean Your Popup Stoppers

The little tool in your bathroom sink drain that allows you to fill your basin with water is very important. If you do not keep your stopper clean, it can build up residue and lead to a clog. Make sure to clean them on a regular basis to avoid blockage.

Following these tips can help you prevent the most common causes of damaged drains. If you are experiencing damaged and clogged drains in your Citrus Heights home, seek professional help as soon as possible. Contact FlowRite Plumbing today to schedule your drain maintenance appointment.

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