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How Plumbing Problems Can Become Pest Problems

Plumbing issues can be stressful and expensive, but they can also lead to secondary issues that cause even more trouble in a residence or business. If you experience any type of plumbing problem on your property you need to realize that water damage and other plumbing issues can create the ideal conditions for a pest infestation. Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights can help address plumbing issues before they attract unwanted pests.

Water Damage Dangers
Water damage can not only lead to mold and mildew growth but also provide an easy water source for pests like cockroaches and mice. It can be hard to locate a water damage issue at first, and a pest infestation can proliferate very quickly if left unchecked. The dry climate in California
means many pests will look for water anywhere they can find it, and this often means inside buildings with leaky or broken pipes.

Sewer Line Issues
A sewer line carries the wastewater out of your home and into the public sewer system or septic tank. A broken or damaged sewer line can not only cause a persistent unpleasant odor and wastewater pooling on your land, but also attract many kinds of pests. Mosquitos and flies love standing, fetid water and cockroaches and thrive in the most dismal environments, including those contaminated by wastewater. A sewer line problem requires immediate attention.

Ecosystems of Filth
One pest problem can easily lead to another. Mice and other invasive rodents sometimes eat bugs and other pests that may start colonies in a water-damaged structure. Eventually, those animals will attract other pests as well. One small bug infestation could easily lead to multiple types of
bug infestations and attract other pests, so addressing these issues as soon as possible is very important for any property owner.

An unchecked plumbing issue can easily lead to water damage, pest infestations, and severely degrade the value of a property. These issues can require expensive and time-consuming repairs and may expose residents and visitors to harmful substances and diseases. If you have experienced water damage in your property or any other plumbing issue, Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights can help correct the issue before it leads to a major pest infestation.

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