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Remodeling and Repiping During the Summer in Citrus Heights

If it is time for your big remodeling project this summer, you may have already gotten estimates to have your home repiped.  If not, an estimate is the first step to creating your plumbing budget this summer.  There are many reasons to repipe a home, but one of the best reasons is to do it before the sale of a home.  While many people look for perfect kitchens, a big garage, or a luxurious back yard, they all want a home with new plumbing.  You can recoup your costs in the sell of the home.  Alternatively, you may want to remodel and repipe your home to update it for your ultimate comfort.  Either way, Flowrite Plumbing can help you repipe your whole house and make sure it is ready for the future.

Getting Ready for Plumbers to Repipe Your Home

Just like other remodeling projects, repiping can disrupt your day-to-day life in your home.  You will have plumbers working in your home for many days, and your water is shut off for most of that time.  To be more comfortable, you may want to plan to stay in a temporary place, so you have to contend with having no water.

Old Pipes

If you have old pipes, you may not have a choice to have your home repiped.  It is better to do it before you have sewer issues or water line problems that are an emergency.  Once your home is repiped, you won’t have to worry about the repairs or stress that having old pipes can cause you.

Choose New Piping

New pipes are usually either PEX or copper.  Copper is more expensive, but it is much more durable when it comes to rodents or sun damage.  Copper also leaks less because it doesn’t rub and create leaks as PEX tube can.  If you decide on copper, it needs to be soldered, which is a bit more dangerous, and the lead in the soldering may be a health hazard if it breaks down.  There are pros and cons of all types of pipes, but Flowrite Plumbing is ready to help you decide on the best pipes for your Citrus Heights home.



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