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Should You Buy a Smart Toilet?

If you live in Citrus Heights, CA, and you plan to update your bathroom this summer, you might want to consider the conveniences of pairing technology with your toilet.  While this may seem odd at first, many features come with smart toilets that seem much ‘smarter’ than the standard toilet.  You can enjoy a cleaner toilet and even heated seats!

Some Smart Toilet Features:

  • Many of the smart toilets in 2019 have remote controls that work with the unique features the toilet has. Some of the remote controls work bidet features, flush the toilet, and raise the seat.
  • Motion sensors are also a smart feature. You can step in front of the toilet and have the lid raise.
  • Self-cleaning toilets are an excellent way to control bacteria and dirty toilets if you have many people in your household.
  • Automatic air deodorizers help keep the whole bathroom smelling great once someone is done using the bathroom.
  • While you may not need a heated seat in the summer months, they are nice during chilly fall evenings.
  • Automated flushing. Smart toilets now come with the same features that you can find in some commercial buildings.  Once you finish using the toilet, it will flush for you.
  • Built-in night lights are great if you have kids in the home or don’t like turning on all the lights to use the restroom at night.
  • Dual flush is a feature many smart toilets have to conserve water. This feature allows you to choose the type of flush depending upon the type of waste, so you can use less water when needed.
  • Design is usually different with smart toilets. They look more modern and are minimal maintenance as there aren’t as many parts to a smart toilet.
  • Bluetooth is available on the higher end smart toilets. With the advancements in technology, you can integrate your playlist and listen to your favorite music or audio book, while you use the restroom.

Considering a newer toilet is important, and with the available modern technology, it can be overwhelming.  Deciding on a budget and sticking to it is a good idea, as toilets can now be many thousands of dollars.  Flowrite Plumbing is available with professional and friendly service when you are ready to install your new toilet and other bathroom fixtures.

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