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The Importance of Summer Drain Cleaning

Plunging drains and using drain cleaners often may mean that you could have a plumbing issue that is much bigger in the future.  There are many temporary fixes for having clogged drains, but they will get worse if they aren’t eventually professionally cleaned.  Having your drains cleaned in the summer is usually convenient and necessary because the heat tends to make plumbing problems seem worse.  There is usually more activity in a household in the summer, which means plumbing systems must work harder and need repairs more often.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning in the Summer:

  1. Drain cleaning helps rid your pipes of bacteria. Getting rid of harmful bacteria will help you and the people in your home have healthier lives.  Having clean drains in the bathtub and shower is especially important, to make sure that there aren’t bacteria where you bathe.
  2. Along with bacteria, cleaning drains gets rid of smells that come out of your drains. Many things, like hair, can clog a drain and allow build-up to happen.  These masses of buildup can start to smell bad and disrupt how clean your home smells.
  3. You will benefit with a financial savings if you decide to get your drains cleaned. Waiting could make repairs more extensive!
  4. You won’t have to worry about plunging and using drain cleaners anymore, once you have your drains professionally cleaned. If all your plumbing is installed correctly and in good condition, they should work great once all your clogs or buildup are gone.
  5. A professional can give you the information you need about the plumbing in your home. If drain cleaning doesn’t work, they can find the plumbing problem and help you to decide what the next steps are for your plumbing.  Catching these problems, such as cracked pipes, can help lessen the potential for bigger issues that cause more damage to your home.

Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights, CA, understands plumbing!  If you want your drains cleaned this summer, contact us for preventative maintenance and get the answers to your plumbing questions.

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