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Common Water Heater Problems

It is important to know the typical water heater problems for tank-type water heaters, so you are aware of any solutions to the issues your water heater has.  Usually, when a water heater isn’t working correctly, a homeowner is ready to install a replacement because they don’t want to keep having it repaired.

Water Leaks

  • Water leaking from the top of your water heater may be one of the pipes or one of the valves. Most of these are easy fixes, so you won’t need to invest in a new water heater.  Get any leaks fixed right away to avoid structural damage.
  • Water leaking from the bottom of your water heater is usually condensation. It could also be from a gasket or the overflow pipe.  If you think the tank is leaking, you need to have it inspected as soon as possible!  A crack in your water heater can grow quickly, and all the hot water in the tank can end up on your floor.

You Don’t Have Hot Water!

If you are out of hot water, it could be because one or both of your heating elements are out.  Before you check your elements, check the breaker box in your home to make sure the breaker wasn’t tripped.  If your breaker is fine and your hot water heater has power to it, then check the elements.  If you have a gas-powered hot water heater, you could have a pilot light that is out or not working correctly.

You Don’t Have Enough Hot Water

If your water heater produces hot water, but it isn’t enough, you could have a problem with your thermostat, heating element, or wiring.  If you’ve always had a problem with too little hot water, it may be that the tank is too small for the needs of your household.

Sometimes changing the setting on the thermostat in the colder months is all you need to do to increase the hot water in your home.   You may have pipes that get colder during the late fall and winter months.  Insulating your pipes will make your water heater more efficient.

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