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Does Your Toilet Need Repairs?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you need repair services for your toilet or a replacement. Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights, California, can inspect your toilet this fall and let you know if it is repairable.

Typical Toilet Problems:

  • If you flush a toilet and hear unusual noises like a suction sound or gurgling coming from other areas of your home, then you may need repair services for your drain. These noises usually indicate a clog in your drain or sewer line.  While this doesn’t have anything to do with a toilet, many people think that these sounds are a problem with the fixture itself.  Typically, drain cleaning will help resolve the issue.
  • If you have a problem with your toilet problem more than once a week, then you may have a problem with your toilet or a clogged drain.
  • When you must flush your toilet many times to get it to work, then there is usually a problem with your toilet. This problem can also be a low water pressure issue or a clogged pipe.
  • If you check your toilet components and see signs of rust or corrosion, then you should have a professional replace the worn parts.
  • A toilet that leaks can quickly damage the flooring and walls in your bathroom and beyond. Not to mention the other water damage that happens below the floor, especially if the toilet is on the second floor or over a basement.  There is a potential for the leak to cause structural damage to your home.  Whether you have a broken seal around your toilet or a crack in the porcelain, have a professional check the toilet to see if you need repairs or a replacement.
  • When a toilet backs up with sewage or water, this is typically a sign of a problem with clogging in the pipes. Request to have your sewer line checked for clogging to see if this is the reason that you have a toilet that backs up into your house.  You may also want to post a list of items that your guests shouldn’t flush, so you can be proactive in preventing clogs and sewer line blockages.


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