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5 Signs You Have a Water Line Leak

If you suspect that you have a water line leak at your home in Citrus Heights, California, then you may need to have a plumber inspect and repair your water line.  There are a few ways you can tell if it is, in fact, a water line leak at your property:

  1. If you notice that your home has clogged drains more often, then you may have a problem with restricted water flow to all your pipes. If your water pressure is low or you don’t have enough water traveling through your pipes, then it is much easier for them to clog.
  2. Check the water pressure in your home. If it seems like the water pressure from all the faucets in your home is low, then you probably have a water line leak.
  3. If you notice that there are more pests in your home or yard, then you could have a water or sewer line leak. If it is your sewer line, you should smell sewage.  A water leak may still be attracting pests, but it won’t smell of sewage.  This can happen inside or outside of your home.
  4. If it is your water line leaking, and the leak is in the yard, then you will probably have a wet yard. You could even see pools of water forming in your yard.
  5. If you have discolored water, then you may have a water line break. If it is broken, you could have contaminants and soil or rust in your water.  You may notice a bad smell or taste as well!  If this happens, call a plumber right away and don’t use the water until it is fixed.

A water line leak can cause damage to your home and property that involves extensive repairs.  It is crucial to monitor your water pressure and regularly inspect your property for water leaks.  If you find one, call for immediate care to avoid extreme water and structural damage to your home!

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