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Special Benefits of Hydro Jetting Over Traditional Drain Clearing

When was the last time you needed a professional to clear your drain? You might have tried drain cleaning chemicals purchased from a store and found these products ineffective and then called a plumber once you realized the store-bought solution was no solution at all. Did the plumber use a snaking tool to rip the clog out of the drain? If so, they may not have entirely removed it.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

The hydro jetting method for drain clearing offers much better results than typical snaking procedures can promise. Snaking requires fishing a snaking device into a clogged drain, grasping the clog, and then ripping it out to remove it. This may work on some types of clogs, but it is very likely that residue from the clog remains on the inside surface of the pipe.

A clog is usually fibers, hairs, and other debris that forms a ball, sticking inside the pipe and preventing water from draining correctly. However, this ball of clogged debris will also accumulate wastewater residue, soap scums, and other substances that form a sticky film on the inside of the pipe. Over time, this residue can start to corrode the walls of the pipe.

Hydro jetting uses nothing more than pressurized water to clear clogs, and it does so without leaving any residue behind on the pipe walls. Unlike snaking that might remove the bulk of the clog and leave residue behind, hydro jetting blasts the pipe completely, breaking the bulk of the clog while also removing all of the residue from the inside surface of the pipe.

Choose the Better Drain Clearing Method from the Pros

If you need to get rid of a tough clog quickly and have tried store-bought cleaners that haven’t worked, it’s a good idea to call a professional plumber to have the problem solved correctly. Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights, CA can provide professional hydro jetting services to get rid of clogs quickly and safely. Contact us today to have one of our team members inspect your clogged drain as soon as possible.

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