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The Benefits of PEX Piping

If you have copper, galvanized steel, or PVC piping, you may want to consider the many benefits of PEX piping. This cross-linked polyethylene tubing is used for water system applications and is more flexible and easy to install than traditional pipes. It is also more durable and offers high heat resistance.

Why Is PEX Piping Better?

One of the many reasons that you may wish to choose PEX piping over traditional options is that it is less likely to burst due to freezing than traditional PVC or copper pipes. It is also easier for your plumbing professional to install, as it is easy to bed around the obstacles that your home’s structure presents.

Traditional piping involves the use of elbows and fittings to fit the pipes properly around corners and obstacles. Still, PEX piping can bend to accommodate these twists and turns without additional fittings. This not only saves on installation costs, but it eliminates the potential for leaks at these fitting locations.

You will also save money on heat loss, as PEX piping reduces the heat transfer that is common in metal pipes. The corrosion you see in galvanized steel pipes is also nonexistent in PEX piping, as is the scale build-up you see in copper pipes. On top of all this, the material is much less expensive than traditional pipes.

The easy and inexpensive installation of PEX piping is just one of the perks of incorporating this product into your home plumbing system. The money it will save you on energy and costly repairs down the road only adds to the list of reasons to replace old pipes with PEX piping. If you are thinking of using this product in your home, call a professional plumber today. The technicians at Flowrite Plumbing are waiting for your call at (916) 496-0935.

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