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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Gas Stove

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen? Aspiring home chefs and realtors alike understand the value in a well-appointed kitchen, and that means having the best meal prep equipment possible. If you are replacing your cooktop or stove there are several reasons to switch to a natural gas appliance.

Response Time

Turn on your gas stove and it’s immediately ready to go. No waiting time for the elements to heat up. This means your water comes to a boil faster and dinner is on the table in no time at all.

This quick response time also allows you to bring your sauce down to a simmer with a simple turn of a knob. No holding the pan up in the air until the elements cool down.


Professional chefs prefer gas appliances for the ease of control. Cooking with gas at home means you can visibly monitor and adjust the flame during cooking, as opposed to picking a number and hoping it is low enough to keep the food from burning.


A gas stove or cooktop is much more durable and easier to clean than a glass cooktop. No need for special cleaners or scraping tools. Simply remove the grates and wipe your stove down with mild soap or multi-surface cleaner.


Unlike electric or glass stoves, a gas appliance will not require you to purchase special cookware. Cooking with gas allows you to use a wider variety of cooking methods, and pots and pans. You can still use your grandma’s coveted iron skillet to sear your steak or that new wok. You can also roast a pepper directly over the open flame.

Utility Costs

Choosing a gas appliance is a smart decision for homeowners looking to lower their monthly utility bills. Natural gas is a much less expensive option than electricity. As a bonus, a power outage won’t necessarily keep you from being able to prepare a meal.

Running a gas line requires a professional. Our qualified staff is ready to assist you. For more information contact Flowrite Plumbing at (916)496-0935 to schedule an appointment.

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