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3 Strategies to Handle Hair Clogs

Shower clogs can often creep up at the worst of times. One moment you’re enjoying a relaxing shower and getting clean, and then next, you have odorous, scummy water filling up the bottom of the tub. Many homeowners in Citrus Heights, CA resort to using chemical drain cleaners, but these can actually be extremely harmful to your pipes. Over time, repetitive use of corrosive chemicals often leads to leaks or even burst pipes, which can be incredibly expensive to repair and are likely to impact your daily life in a significant way. Here is what we recommend to address the issue.

  1. Prevention is Key

The best way to handle hair clogs is to keep them from happening in the first place. Ensuring that you have an effective hair trap or screen over your drain allows you to have a barrier in place, keeping that hair out of your pipes altogether. Additionally, if you notice any loose hairs while you shower, putting these aside and disposing of them after you’re done instead of letting the water carry them towards your drain can make a big difference.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Pouring boiling hot water down your pipes on a regular basis helps to dissolve or loosen bits of built-up grime. While this is helpful in getting rid of small amounts of debris, it also keeps the walls of your pipes smooth, making it harder for hair to cling to them. Large households with many family members may also benefit from flushing the pipes with hot water, which involves filling all of your tubs and sinks and then letting them drain at the same time. The force of the water can often dislodge small clogs and help prevent new ones from forming.

  1. Manual Removal

If a clog has already formed, the next step is to see if there’s any way to manually remove the hair. Most drain covers can be unscrewed or otherwise removed, exposing the clog in the pipe. While this is not the most pleasant of experiences, the direct access allows you to yank the bulk of the clog right out of your plumbing and is often extremely effective at resolving the issue.

In the event that a clog has already formed and you are unable to take care of it on your own, Flowrite Plumbing is here to help. Our team of professionals can ensure your clogs are taken care of in short order so you can get back to your enjoying day. Simply reach out to us online.


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