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How to Find Out If You Have Lead Plumbing

Lead plumbing poses a serious health hazard to your loved ones. In fact, exposure to lead can cause a variety of medical conditions, from kidney damage to learning disabilities. If the drinking water service line that brings water into your house is made of lead or includes lead soldering, it can contaminate your water and significantly affect the health of your family members, especially children and pregnant mothers. Follow the steps below to check your plumbing system for lead so you can keep your family safe from the threat of lead exposure.

Check the Service Line

The service line is typically found in the basement or at the lowest point in your home, often in a corner, close to the floor, and near to the road. Examine the color to determine its material. If the color of the service line is a dark, matte gray, that indicates it is made of lead. If the color is a brownish copper, it is a copper line. Your service line may also be constructed of galvanized steel, in which case a magnet would adhere to it. Even if you do not see a lead service line in your home, it is possible that your plumbing system had a partial line replacement in the past, or that your city uses lead service lines to deliver your water.

Check the Solder

Solder refers to the material that connects pipes. In 1986, the US passed laws prohibiting lead solder in household plumbing, so if your house was built before that year, your plumbing may include lead solder. You can scrape the solder with a sharp object to see the color underneath and determine the material.

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If you discovered that your home has lead plumbing, contact Flowrite Plumbing immediately to schedule a consultation with our team. To keep your family safe from lead exposure, you will require the replacement of any lead service lines or solder. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, so we offer a full range of high-quality services to deliver the best solution for your home’s needs.

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