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The Common Causes of Gas Leaks (and How to Best Detect Them)

It’s no secret that gas leaks are a serious issue, should they occur—but what actually causes them in the first place? Also, how can you quickly detect an active gas leak?

Several factors can lead to gas leaks or make it more probable that one will develop. However, some causes are especially common. After all, gas leaks typically don’t appear out of nowhere. 

Inadequate Piping 

Beneath your house, there’s a complex maze of pipes carrying gas into appliance pipe connectors. This system isn’t impervious to wear and tear—pipes can erode or grow faulty over time. This may even result in pipes wearing out or disconnecting. Once this happens, your home becomes far more susceptible to dangerous gas leaks. 

Everyday Appliances

Speaking of appliances: Whether it’s your stove, water heater, fireplace, or dryer, several everyday appliances are powered by natural gas or propane. As time passes, seals that connect and hold the piping of your appliances can corrode. This will result in a gas leak. 

Subpar Ventilation

Whenever a heat-generating appliance malfunctions, high levels of carbon monoxide could be emitted into your home. If this carbon monoxide isn’t eliminated via a chimney or exhaust fan, residents are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a serious (and sometimes even deadly) health condition.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

If a gas leak is to occur, however, how can you go about detecting it? Here are some signs you may be experiencing a gas leak:

  • Smelling a musty or sulfur-like odor.
  • The gas lines emit a whistling sound.
  • Having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to alert you of high levels.
  • Having a layer of dust forming near the gas line.
  • Receiving a higher than average gas bill.

Don’t Overlook These Signs

That way, you can avoid suffering potentially severe health consequences. If you ever suspect a gas leak in your home, call emergency services and evacuate the home. Then, contact a Flowrite Plumbing gas line professional here. We’ll provide an urgent response to find the source of the leak before performing a quick and thorough repair. As always with our services, your satisfaction is our guarantee. 

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