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Four Reasons Your Toilet May Be Leaking

Noticing leaking from your toilet bowl is never a pleasant experience. Fortunately, there are often some easy fixes to the problem. Below are four reasons that may be causing your toilet bowl to leak.

You May Need to Replace the Wax Ring

A wax ring on your toilet is a seal that is pliable and soft and is put between the exit hole on the bottom of the toilet and rests on what is called the flange. The flange sits on top of the drainpipe. One of the reasons that the wax ring works is that it is so soft and malleable. Once it gets old, it begins to be less pliable, and will then need replacing to stop leaks.

You May Need to Tighten the Tee Bolts

Tee bolts hold the base of your toilet to the floor. There are two of them, and when they are tight, it prevents leaks from happening. However, if they become loose, water will leak out every single time your toilet is flushed. Thankfully, tightening these bolts will solve that leakage


The Water Supply Line May Be Loose

The water supply line to the toilet may be loose and, if so, substantial leakage will happen. This is often the cause of leakage that always happens from your toilet, even when it is not in use or not being flushed. The supply line might also be leaking if the rubber seal is old or has been damaged.

Water Condensation

Sometimes what looks like a leaky bowl is actually water condensation occurring on the toilet bowl itself. The toilet bowl is usually full of cold water, and the materials the toilet is made of often stay cool as well. This is a prime condition for water condensation to happen. While it is good news that there is no leak, it is important to try and keep the area as dry as possible.

If you have a leaking toilet, there is no time to waste to fix it. Substantial water damage can happen from even small leaks. Flowrite Plumbing are experts that can fix any of your leaks or clogs, so contact us today.

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