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Common Food Items that Shouldn’t Go in Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a small but wonderful appliance that makes getting rid of food waste easier. While it may seem like it can handle it all, that unfortunately isn’t the case. To ensure the life of your disposal, and to avoid any unwanted smells or drain clogs, certain food items should never go down your disposal.

Foods to Avoid

It can be easy to ignore the warning that certain foods shouldn’t go to your disposal. It may seem like it is handling it fine, or you may justify it is just a small amount. Certain foods will cause damage over time, either to the garbage disposal itself or your drainpipe system. These foods include:

  • Fats/Grease/Oils– Fats and greases will solidify again, especially in colder months. Fats and oils can also hold on to other debris entering the drain system. This can lead to clogs and unwanted smells
  • Pasta/Rice/Oats– Even when fully cooked, these items can still swell with water. They can lead to some serious clogs in your system.
  • Bones and seafood shells– Even small bones or shells can pose a risk for your disposal blades as well as your pipes themselves.
  • Fibrous Veggies– Many vegetables are perfectly safe for your garbage disposal. Veggies that aren’t safe include celery, rhubarb, lettuce, kale, onion skins, and artichoke. These specific veggies can tangle around the blades.
  • Potato Peels– These peels can become a mass that easily picks up other debris and can lead to severe clogs of your pipe system. 

Proper Care Leads to a Long Life

The best care you can give your disposal is to be conscious of what you are putting into your drains. Excessive clogging can lead to serious problems for your plumbing system. If that happens, a professional may need to analyze the problem and fix the complication. At Flowrite Plumbing we can help. Contact us with any questions concerning your disposal or your kitchen plumbing. 

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