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Top 3 Most Common Plumbing Repairs

Owning a home can be tough, especially when it comes to figuring out your plumbing. Between pipe refitting to drain snaking, the amount of plumbing-related maintenance you’re sure to see throughout your time in your home is endless. Fortunately, some of the most common plumbing repairs are easy to handle, and with the right team, they can be tackled with ease.

The Most Common Plumbing Mishaps Homeowners Face

Some of the most common mishaps homeowners face include:

  • Burst pipes. Although typically associated with the colder months, a burst pipe in your house can come in any season. In the winter months, colder weather can cause the water in your pipes to freeze, but year-round, mostly depending on the age of your home or the quality of your plumbing, your pipes can burst seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Damaged sewer lines. No one likes to deal with sewage, not even your plumber, so routine maintenance is the only way to combat any problems with your sewage lines and pipes. Much like burst pipes, the age and material of your system, as well as the presence of any buildup, plays a significant role in the way your system functions.
  • Broken toilets. Toilet problems are an inconvenience for you and your family, but they can also cost you a lot of money in water bills from continuously running or flushing. From cracked bowls to valve switches, calling a plumber to deal with your toilet issues is the first step toward properly handling the situation.

The last thing on your mind as a homeowner is faulty utilities or repairs, but you should plan for these issues to make sure you can properly manage them as they arise. Regular maintenance, as well as a skilled plumber, is the best way to prevent any major damage from these plumbing issues. For any plumbing needs, finding top-of-the-line plumbing specialists is the way to go. In the Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Greater Sacramento area, look no further than Flowrite Plumbing. 

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