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Benefits of Bidets

There are still several more weeks of winter to go, and while you are likely diligent about shoveling the snow off your driveway and digging out your car, you may not consider your roof. Unfortunately, waiting until the snow melts in the spring isn’t a good idea, as allowing it to collect on the roof can cause problems down the line. Instead, you should try to clean your roof. Here’s how.

They’re Hygienic

If you want to avoid bacteria and get rid of messes, toilet paper simply won’t cut it. Bidets have been proven to reduce the number of bacteria in urine, which means that they’re effective at killing germs and keeping you clean.

They’re Better for the Planet

Toilet paper, like all paper, is made from trees. Trees are needed to keep our air full of oxygen and to give various animals food and shelter. Because so much toilet paper needs to be made to fill the demand, that’s a lot of trees being turned into paper. Bidets don’t require paper at all, so they’re an environmentally-friendly alternative.

They Save You Money

Installing a bidet might seem expensive, but it actually does a lot of good for your wallet. If you calculate how much you spend on toilet paper over time, it certainly adds up. There are various brands and sizes to choose from, and even if you get the cheapest stuff, the cost is more than you probably think. Bidets are a one-time purchase; once they’re there, the only money you’ll need to spend on them is if they need to be replaced or repaired.

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Even after your bidet is installed, you might still have problems with your toilet. From pipe clogs to leaks, plumbing problems need a plumbing professional to fix them before things get worse. Contact Flowrite Plumbing today, and find out how we can help you repair or upgrade your plumbing.

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