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Metal corrosion is entirely natural, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be problematic to deal with. Plumbing pipe corrosion is a cause of water leaks and contamination, and it can be difficult to fix without having to replace the entire pipe. Understanding the causes of pipe corrosion can help you predict and avoid it in the future.

Acidic Water

If your water has a lower pH level, that makes it more acidic. Acidic water can speed up the corrosion of your pipes, dissolving the metal from the inside out. If you want to know whether you have acidic water, you can test the pH levels to see if it’s less than 7 — if it is, it’s too acidic for your pipes.

Metals and Minerals

If your water has a high mineral concentration, that makes it “hard” water. These minerals aren’t inherently bad, but they can build up in your pipes over time, calcifying and corroding them.

Similarly, if your water has any metal in it, this metal can cause corrosion by stealing electrons from the piping. 

Pressure and Velocity

There’s a reason why water pressure isn’t meant to go above 60 psi. High-pressure water, especially if it’s hot, is a large contributor to premature corrosion, as well as other types of damage. This water might be more satisfying in a shower, but it’s not good for the health of your pipes.


If your water has a lot of microorganisms in it, they can cause what’s known as “microbiologically influenced corrosion.” This sort of corrosion is capable of spreading fast and causing a lot of damage.

Let Us Help You Repair Corroded Pipes

If your pipes are corroded, you have to get them fixed before the damage grows worse. Flowrite Plumbing can help. Contact us today to learn more, and get your corroded pipes replaced.

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