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Understanding PEX Piping

Plumbing can be complicated to understand fully, and when you have a plumbing issue, you may struggle to determine how to resolve it. A relatively new solution to several plumbing problems is PEX piping. Due to its unique benefits, PEX piping has slowly gained traction over the past few decades as a method of improving your home or business’s plumbing.

The Benefits of PEX Piping

Arguably, the most noticeable benefit of PEX piping is the flexibility of the pipes. These pipes are easy to bend, meaning they can freely navigate around corners or other obstacles in your home. Not only does this mean you can lay out the pipes as you desire, but you’ll also require fewer fittings and other connections.

Another advantage of PEX piping is its ability to stay functional without leaking or corroding. Metal pipes tend to wear down faster than these pipes, meaning your water can become contaminated or begin leaking. Because PEX pipes can resist corrosion, they tend to last longer and don’t require extensive maintenance.

The Drawbacks of PEX Piping

Despite its reliable benefits, there are disadvantages to using PEX piping. PEX pipes are unfit for outside use, meaning these are an indoor solution only. When PEX is left outdoors for too long, it can harden in the cold, making it susceptible to cracking. Also, PEX doesn’t melt, meaning you cannot recycle it. While there may be a way to recycle it in the future, there is currently no efficient way to do it today.

We Can Install PEX

PEX piping has altered how some plumbing jobs are done, yet these materials require qualified professionals to install them. Our staff at Flowrite Plumbing have been paying attention to how PEX pipes can benefit your home, and we’re willing to install them in your home if necessary. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you have.

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