3 Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Houston summers are notoriously hot and long. While we don’t have to worry about common plumbing mishaps like frozen pipes, our location and climate do create plumbing concerns. Torrential rainfall and hurricane-force winds, for example, can cause huge problems with your plumbing system. Follow these tips to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape this summer.

  1. Check Your Water Traps

Do you notice a sewage-like odor emanating from your basement or other plumbing systems? Hot weather can cause the water in the U-bends of your pipes to evaporate. This water helps keep sewer gasses and other unpleasant odors at bay. If you notice this smell coming from any of your pipes, pour some water mixed with a little bleach (a 2-to-1 ratio) into the affected pipe. It should clear up the smell within a few hours.

  1. Check Your Bathtub Grout

Summer brings a flurry of activity into your home – the kids are home from school, and they’re going to the pool and getting dirty playing outside. This also means your bathroom is getting an extra workout this time of the year. Now is the perfect time to check your bathtub grout and make sure it’s all securely fastened to your wall tile. Any missing grout means water’s getting in where it shouldn’t, leading to expensive damage. Re-grout any broken or compromised sections as necessary – even your bathroom is vulnerable to your kid’s messiness!

  1. Service Your Water Heater

Your water heater has been hard at work providing warm showers, and hot water to wash dishes and clothing all winter. As your kids spend more time at home, they’re going to tax it further. Schedule a routine maintenance check of your hot water heater to help extend its natural life. A typical water heater lasts 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance, so if you’re getting close to this point, schedule maintenance checks and service more often.

The Houston summer swelter may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean your plumbing has to suffer. Observe these simple tips and keep your systems in their best running shape this season.

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