Autumn Plumbing Maintenance Pointers for Homeowners in Houston, Texas

Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall

Now that the weather is beginning to turn colder in Houston, Texas, homeowners and residents should set aside time to perform some vital autumn maintenance tasks in order to minimize the risk of plumbing issues arising within the upcoming months.

Fall plumbing maintenance doesn’t just help prep your home’s system for cooler temperatures, but it can be instrumental in deterring the emergence of unpleasant holiday plumbing issues that are especially prone to developing over the course of the season. Check out our list of autumn plumbing tasks to get your Texas home ready for the colder seasons of the year.

Switch Off the Valves of Your Outside Spigots

Knowing where your water shut-off valve is located is essential, as accessing it as quickly as possible in the event of a leak or flood can be the difference between sustaining minimal or major water damage. Double check to ensure that you use these to shut off your outdoor spigots. But if you don’t have these valves, simply look to be sure that you don’t have any leaking exterior faucets.

Clean Your Gutter System

Prepare in advance by cleaning your gutters well before the fall ends. Clear away any accumulation of rocks, sticks, leaves, or other materials that can cause a large-scale blockage and result in water damage to your property. A clean gutter system will ensure the proper transpiration of rain away from your home, which will protect its foundation and prevent costly water damage.

Remember that your hot water heater will be working extensively over the winter, so making sure it’s in good condition during the fall is the best means of avoiding problems as the temperatures continue to drop. Inspect your unit to be sure that its clean and is not housing accumulation of sediment. Conduct a flush to clear away any sign of accumulated debris at the bottom of the heater.

Inspect and Clean Your Sump Pump

Similarly to checking your hot water heater, making sure your sump pump is working optimally is a crucial component of prepping your plumbing for colder weather. Pay special attention to your pump’s discharge line to ensure it is completely clear.

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