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The moment your drains stop doing their job is the moment you should phone the Carmichael plumbing experts at Flowrite. Take it from our trained and trusted crew, the last thing you want to do is let that clog become even worse. Little do many home and business owners know, even the most minimal of blockages can cause a number of adverse effects to plumbing systems as a whole.

Drain problems are rarely isolated incidents
This is because all those pipes and fixtures work interdependently; when an issue arises in one area, it inevitably results in another malfunction somewhere else. Here is the tricky part; weeks and even months can pass by before you begin to notice the consequences, at which point it is often too late to fix on the cheap.

We know it is probably not the most convenient time to dole out money to repair a clogged drain, but putting the blockage on the backburner will only end up costing you much more in the long run. That being said, the Flowrite crew does its best to provide extremely competitive market rates, so our customers never have to fear the final bill!

What are the solutions for clogged drains?
Not all clogs are created equal, which naturally means there are multiple ways for fixing these prevalent Carmichael plumbing issues. If detected and addressed early, most residents can resolve the problem without professional assistance.

While we advise against the continued used of commercial drain cleaning products, chemical solutions are great when used in moderation. Due to the caustic nature of these agents, you always run the risk of corroding delicate drain fixture parts, such as rubber and plastic seals.

Popular Carmichael drain cleaning methods
For the immediate removal of a surface blockage, Flowrite recommends a quality drain snake combined with a mixture of equal parts peroxide and baking soda. The latter will get rid of any excess buildup without causing harm to sensitive plumbing system parts.

If the situation is more severe, however, you will probably need to hire a certified plumber like Flowrite to complete the job. Our augers are capable of ousting all types of drain blockages, and thus are typically implemented as a last resort. Before tackling the problem head-on, go ahead and give our team a call first. In the event you need expert help, we will schedule an appointment right away!

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