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Damaged sewer mains easily rank as most homeowners’ worst nightmares. Not only can these problems potentially cost thousands to repair and/or replace; they can easily wreak havoc on one’s property. The smell of backed up wastewater and sewage in a yard or bathroom is enough to drive anyone crazy, and is a sure sign that something serious is wrong with your plumbing system. If you are experiencing any issues with your sewer lines, call the local & licensed Carmichael plumbers at Flowrite PLumbing. We can help diagnose, repair or replace your sewer lines quickly & efficiently.

We have your Carmichael sewer line worries under control
Instead of letting the problem continue to escalate, stop wasting time and contact the crew at Flowrite Plumbing as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 for this exact reason, and will not leave until your sewer lines are functioning at 100% once more.

While we treat all plumbing issues with the same priority level status, our crew puts a special emphasis on those pertaining to sewer lines. Why? Simple; the ramifications of a cracked or collapsed sewer main are very serious. Leaking sewage is a huge environmental hazard and one that should not be left alone for any reason.

A look at the things that can wrong with your sewer main

  • Pipe collapse – whether due to improper installation or a soil shift, collapsed sewer lines ultimately lead to backed up wastewater (inside your home and out). These pipes are constructed in various materials, some of which are more durable than others. Clay types are highly susceptible to cracking when installed incorrectly, while their metal counterparts are prone to corrosion. Whatever the case, prompt replacement of the damaged section is an absolute must!
  • Tree root intrusion – it may be hard to believe, but neighboring trees are a major enemy that home and business owners have to contend with. Root networks will stop at nothing to obtain nutrients in groundwater and soil, even if that means breaking through weak sections of sewer pipe. Once inside, the root system will spread and eventually stop the flow of wastewater entirely.

Inferior sewer line materials (e.g. poor quality, too old, etc.) are additional problems the Flowrite team has dealt with on a number of repair and installation projects, and are often the result of work performed by inexperienced contractors. To avoid the issue altogether, always hire a licensed, local plumber that has a sufficient track record of cleaning and repairing Carmichael sewer lines. We are here waiting for your call, folks!

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