Five Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Spotless

For most families, the kitchen is where they eat, work, talk, and hang out, particularly in the open floor plan homes Houston, TX is famous for. For a place that gets that much use, you need to make sure it’s clean and healthy – especially the kitchen sink. Here are some tips to help keep your sink clean and healthy with less effort and in ways friendly to the environment.


Homemade Scrub

Most kitchen cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin, rough on your sink, and bad for the environment. To get a friendlier cleaner, try this mixture: baking soda and table salt. Place these in a sugar shaker and sprinkle it over limescale, tea or coffee stains, and more. Wipe it with an exfoliating scrubber to quickly remove even the toughest stains with very little effort.


Clean with a Toothbrush

You replace your toothbrush regularly, so what do you do with the old ones? Put them in your cleaning supplies, of course. Use one to clean around your tap to get into even the hardest nooks and corners. Use this with the homemade scrub to wipe away grime, limescale, and mold that lurks in those crevices.


Kill Limescale with Lemons

Sometimes, limescale can really take hold, especially around your tap. In those cases, it’s time to bring your secret weapon: lemons. Cut one in half and scrub over your tap, especially on limescale heavy areas. Let the juice sit for a few hours, then rinse clean.


Use, Then Wipe

The simplest tricks really do most of the battle. After you use your sink, wipe it down. Use a brush or a dish wand to help stave off grime and stains before they take hold. Be mindful of sponges, as they serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.


Don’t Forget The Pipes


The pipes take a lot from you, so don’t forget to help keep them clean. Wipe down your drains and pour a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water down the drain to help keep the pipes clean and flowing. Use this trick in the bathrooms as well.


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