Get Your Plumbing Ready for Warm Weather With These Three Tips

As temperatures in Houston, Texas, continue to rise, homeowners might forget plumbing maintenance procedures while making plans for vacations and barbecues.

But before you get too wrapped up in the joys of warmer conditions, it is important to recognize the specific needs of your plumbing system during the upcoming months. If you are homeowner in Houston who wants to get ready before the warm weather reaches its boiling point, here are three spring and summer plumbing issues you should look out for in order to secure your property during the warmest months of the year.


Air Conditioning Drains

While most homeowners know they need to change their air conditioning filters twice a year, many might not have their air conditioning drains examined or cleaned. Warm weather creates the perfect atmosphere for mold and fungus to develop, and the moist conditions of your drains are unfortunately the most common place for it to appear.

Additional problems with your air conditioning drain includes buildup, resulting in blockages and overflows. Getting your air conditioning drain inspected and cleaned before summer can reduce the risk of leaks, buildups, and mold growth.


Lack of Cold Water

As temperatures increase, so will the temperature of water. Not having access to cold water on a humid Texas day can be detrimental to your health. Fix this by letting your faucet run longer than you would usually to give colder water the time to flow through your system.


Shift in Foundation

Warm weather can cause shifting foundations and may result in cracks in the ground. Since this puts pressure on the foundation of your home, a shifting foundation can do major damage to your pipes, potentially causing them to contract or swell. Warm conditions can also inflate and deflate the mass of the soil your pipes lay in, which can cause them to burst unexpectedly.

If you notice your home is undergoing severe foundation changes, you will probably be able to see fissures in your wall. To assist the soil your pipes are sitting in, try watering or positioning plants in the area surrounding the foundation. This can help level the temperature of the soil and help the ground and roots stay together more efficiently.

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