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Do you have a persistent plumbing problem that you have been putting off until spring?  Well now is the time to call your local New Caney plumbing and drain specialist – the plumbing company with the guarantee in their name!  To keep your drains and plumbing “flowing right” call the most preferred residential and commercial plumbing company – FlowRite Plumbing and Drain.

Our qualified and highly-trained technicians, as well as our courteous customer service staff know that when you need a plumbing repair it can be very daunting.  Not only the cost involved, but the damage that leaky pipes may have caused if the leak has just been discovered.  If you are in the midst of a plumbing emergency then look no further because you have found the number one New Caney emergency plumber!  936-298-PIPE (936-298-7473) will get a skilled and knowledgeable plumber dispatched to your home or business without delay!

We are committed to providing comprehensive and thorough plumbing services and are equipped to getting the job done right the first time, every time. Ask about our plumbing and drain maintenance programs to fit any budget large or small, just like our technicians can handle any plumbing job; nothing to big – nothing too small.  From faucet replacement and repair, to toilet clogs, bathroom drain repair, kitchen sink leaks and clogs – or new plumbing installation!  We can do it!  For prompt, reliable service from the trustworthy plumber in New Caney – call 936-298-PIPE (936-298-7473) today!

New Caney Drain Cleaning & Drain Clog Repair

Having drains function properly without obstruction is something we take for granted. When your kitchen drain clogs or your toilet overflows onto the floor – the first thing you want is to resolve the plumbing problem quickly.  FlowRite Plumbing and Drain in the New Caney area of Houston offers top-notch residential and professional commercial drain cleaning services to keep all of the drains operating efficiently.  Call us today for prompt, reliable plumbing and drain service 936-298-PIPE (936-298-7473)

Expert Water Heater Service in New Caney

The professional plumbing services done by our FlowRite Plumbing and Drain team in New Caney knows how important it is to have hot water when you need it.  Your hot water heater could slowly begin to fail or you could wake up one morning and face a cold shower.  Not pleasant, indeed!  Most of the time the sudden cause for no hot water is due to the heating element going bad.  This is the one part in your water heater that is most likely to fail.  Call us to discuss your options to either replace the heating element part or possibly the entire unit.  You could be a candidate for a tankless hot water unit for your home.  We can do that!

New Caney Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services

Did you know that the majority of your main sewer line is buried in the ground outside of your home or business?  It can be very deceiving when you have a major clog to determine exactly where the source of the problem is located. Your main sewer line is the primary sewer pipe system responsible for collecting all of the solid waste and wastewater from the drains which then empties into the municipal system or septic tank.  It can be very costly to repair this system if it collapses.  This spring consider having the team at FlowRite Plumbing and Drain conduct a drain maintenance inspection.  It can truly be the best investment for homeowners and business owner’s alike.

Things that typically go wrong with a sewer pipeline are listed below:
Sewer Line Break or Leaks: One of the worst things that can happen with your residential or commercial sewer line. A break or a leak in the main sewer line will result raw sewage leaking into your yard or neighbor’s yard, the basement being flooded with foul, bacteria laden grey water, or possibly a drain back-up in your apartment or restaurant.

Sagging Sewer Lines and Crushed Drain Pipes: Sewer pipe line is buried in the ground making them vulnerable to climate conditions, erosion and impact from vehicles driving over them. When the ground gets too soggy – the drain pipes can shift and separate causing them to sag.  Tree roots invade and split pipes and the result is separated joints that leak causing further deterioration.

Sewer Pipe Fitting Leaks: When drain pipes underground or pavement begin to move, separate, and crack at the joints they begin leaking.  At FlowRite Plumbing and Drain in New Caney, we know how important your residential and commercial plumbing and drain system is to the stability of your home or business. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace an entire sewer or septic drain line.  Don’t let this happen to you by contacting one of our knowledgeable staff for more information about our drain maintenance programs.

We value our New Caney plumbing customers and will do everything we can to resolve any plumbing issue that you encounter.  Call us today at 936-298-PIPE (936-298-7473).