Plumbing Tips for Hurricane Season

With Hurricane season lingering on, homeowners in Houston, Texas need to know how to protect their families, homes and plumbing systems in case they are affected by storms. Refer to the following Hurricane plumbing tips to protect your home over the course of hurricane season in Texas this year:


  • Look at your downspouts and roof gutters to be sure they are tight, secure, clear of debris, and draining water away from the foundation of your home effectively.


  • Look at nearby street drains to be sure that they are not blocked or covered by sticks, leaves, or other kinds of debris, as these materials can prevent them from transporting water away in the event of a storm.


  • Check all of the drains inside and outside of your home to make sure they aren’t draining slowly.


  • Think about having a back-up battery installed that can generate power in case the electricity goes out during a storm.


  • If you receive warning of a storm in advance, make a point to flush your hot water heater and let it refill with fresh water, as this will give you access to the cleanest water possible during the storm. When flushing your unit, always switch off your electricity or gas so there isn’t a chance that the heater could come on when the tank is releasing its contents. Use the drain valve at the bottom of the tank to release water as necessary.


  • Fill your bathtubs and sinks with water to establish a supply to use for severe emergencies when you anticipate not having access to any water. This supply can provide you with the water required to clean dishes or take baths. Keep in mind that because it’s difficult to get bathtubs and sinks entirely clean, drinking or using this water for cooking purposes is not recommended.   


  • If you have one, examine your basement’s sump pump. Make sure it is transferring water correctly and is not blocked with dirt or debris. You may also want to consider investing in a battery-charged sump pump that can serve as a backup in case the power goes out.

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