Protect Your Plumbing Before Your Next Vacation With This Advice

As the season shifts in the Houston, Texas area, numerous homeowners are eager to leave on vacations they have been planning throughout the months of spring. But before your departure date, you will want to make sure you protect your home from unnecessary plumbing damages that can pose a major threat while you are away. Consider the following tips to ensure your property stays safe during your next vacation.

Power Down Your Hot Water Heater

If you own a standard tank water heater running on gas or electricity, you may already know how much energy it uses on a regularly basis. Hot water heaters typically use more energy than any other appliance in a home, so turning off your hot water heater while you are gone can drastically lower your utility bills and conserve energy. Powering down your hot water for the duration of your trip should be risk-free if there is no chance it will freeze.

You can utilize your central shut-off gauge, located on your water heater or the main circuit panel in your home, to power down your hot water heater. You can also switch your heater’s temperature dial down to the lowest available option.

Your hot water heater will need a little extra time to reheat its tank again after being off for a few days, so be sure you switch it on right when you arrive back from your trip.


Power Down Your Water Supply

The damage water can do to your property only increases when you aren’t home to witness it, so if a faulty pipe bursts while you are away, you might come home to severe water damage. But if you power down your water supply before leaving for your trip, you can reduce the likelihood of water damage emerging because of an unhampered burst or leak.

You can use your central shut-off valve to switch off your home’s water supply. If you don’t know where your valve is, be sure to take the time to locate it as soon as possible. Identifying the location of your central shut-off valve is imperative to subduing water damage, as it enables you to shut down the water stream at its root in case of flooding or a plumbing-related emergency.

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