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Let’s face it; most of us take the luxuries of modern living for granted from time to time. Despite working non-stop to ensure your home has the hot water it needs, you probably never think about the current condition of your water heater.

Interestingly enough, thousands of home and business owners are quick to contact the plumbing pros at Flowrite when something goes wrong. Granted this is why we do what we do, we encourage residents to be a bit more proactive about their Rocklin water heater service and upkeep needs. This is true no matter what type you have, be it tank or tankless!

What are the warning symptoms of a failing Rocklin water heater?

The trouble signs of a tank-equipped water heater are understandably more apparent, since the tank itself is typically the first thing to go bad. Rust and corrosion from groundwater sediment occurs naturally over time; this cannot be completely avoided, which is why the lifespan for most conventional water heater rests around 10 years or so. You may be able to squeeze a few more years out of the device, but this is contingent on adherence to a bulletproof maintenance plan!

The telltale sign that your water heater is nearing its end is severe corrosion near the base of the tank; take it from your friends at Flowrite, do not wait until the bottom collapses before calling up a local plumbing contractor. Gallons of water on a basement or utility closet floor are by no means a pretty sight! Failure to adequately heat your water is yet another surefire sign that your water heater needs replaced.

Diagnosing tankless water heater issues is a bit different, but nothing our crew is ill-equipped to handle! The lifespan of these devices is approximately double their tank style counterparts (i.e. 20 years or so), but they too can be short lived by improper upkeep. Recurring repairs with the attached heating element as well as problems with mineral buildup should also be noted. You read that right, just because they do not have a tank does not mean these water heaters are immune from corrosion.

We are here to handle all your water heater service requests

Flowrite is no stranger to repairing and installing water heaters in Rocklin. Jimmy and his team are licensed and certified to work on every residential and commercial model out there. Our crew has the tools and experience needed to make short work of whatever water heater issue you have in store. Call today to schedule an on-site, project quote.

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