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Are sewer line problems getting you down? If so, just be glad you did not live a century ago, where not only were modern plumbing luxuries virtually non-existent, but the service and repair costs of sewer main issues were considerably higher.

With advancements in technology come a host of cost-effective benefits, including trenchless pipe replacement methods that make sewer line repair and installation projects far less time consuming, as well as the availability of equipment intended to replace cleaning via manual labor.

We keep Sacramento sewer line service costs on the low end

All things considered, we are definitely very fortunate to be living in an age where things like hydro-jetters exist! Nevertheless, Flowrite understands the concerns Sacramento residents have regarding their sewer line cleaning, repair, and installation needs.

Just as they were 100 years ago, these projects are still some of the most expensive in comparison to other common plumbing jobs (e.g. drain cleaning, water heater servicing, etc.). This is why we offer up-front, per-project quotes and 100% satisfaction guarantees, however. Your sewer main problem might be extensive, but we assure you your final bill will not be!

Typical sewer line issues

  • Corrosion – more commonly associated with conventional, cast iron vs. modern copper and PVC lines, rust and corrosion are known for making sewer mains susceptible to premature wear and tear. Weak sections and exposed joints are not uncommon when corrosion is in the picture, unfortunately.
  • Tree Roots – in the plumbing industry, tree roots are considered relentless enemies, ones that have only one goal in mind; seek and destroy any sewer main in the vicinity for the sake of procuring groundwater nutrients! The smallest crevice is all that is needed for tree root intrusions to occur, which is perhaps why this is one of the most frequent sewer line problems faced by home and business owners.
  • Faulty construction – human error contributes to a vast number of Sacramento sewer line issues each year, which is why you should always hire a licensed, insured, and certified expert like Flowrite for your service and installation needs!

This list is not exhaustive, but for obvious reasons, we deem these three problems the deadly trio as far as Sacramento sewer line projects are concerned! Whatever you do, call our professional plumbing crew before matters take a turn for the worse.

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