Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Sewer lines are generally always connected when a home or business is constructed. Sewer drain pipes are expected to deteriorate over time because of many variables including groundwater shifting, soil settling and root intrusion.  Even hard water conditions can lead to the deterioration of the main drain and sewer line. The initial installation is usually less expensive without the interruption of landscape additions, driveway patterns and sidewalks that get added on top of the underground sewer system.

Because of this, sewer repair and replacement installation can cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars or more depending on how far away the house or business is from the septic system or municipal sewer connection.

For the record, sewer line repair or replacement jobs are not a typical do-it-yourself plumbing project. We highly recommend the top-notch Houston sewer and drain team at FlowRite Plumbing.  We have the experience.  We have the knowledge. We can fix it!

Houston Sewer Installation and Repair Considerations

If the FlowRite sewer line cleaning technicians determine that root infiltration, broken or separated lines is the cause of your sewer replacement or repair. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss all options, cost and estimated time of completion with you before we begin any job. Tree roots are especially dangerous to drain pipes that contain wastewater and it should be a factor for all residential or commercial property owners to decide strategic locations of foundation walls, shrubs and trees, bushes and other landscape materials.  Driveways, sidewalks and garden irrigation systems, as well as outdoor lampposts and ground lighting could be disturbed if a sewer line plumbing emergency presents itself.

FlowRite Plumbing has the qualifications, certified plumbing technicians and courteous staff to guide you correctly in making any decision when it comes to a major plumbing emergency in Houston.  Call us today for a free phone consultation and analysis so we can best assist you in this stressful situation.