What the Hot Summer Can do to Your Plumbing in Houston

If you live in Houston, you know the summer months are sometimes sweltering.  It can even be hard to work in the Texas heat.  The heat in the summer can also affect your plumbing, making it a prime time for plumbing issues all over the metro area.

Plumbing and Hot Weather

  • It is prevalent to have plumbing problems after a family event or barbecue at your home in Houston. These plumbing issues occur because your system is being overworked and used by several different people.  You can easily have clogged drains in your bathroom or kitchen sink during a big event.  Keep a plunger under each sink and post a do and don’t list in your kitchen and bathroom.  The list can be a simple reminder of what shouldn’t go down the drains and what is acceptable for a garbage disposal.
  • Garbage disposals get clogged and damaged during events in the summer because many people like to help clean up and many things get put in the disposal that shouldn’t be ground up. Along with a list by the garbage disposal switch, you can have a small container for compost and a grease bucket in the same area.  These containers will give guests a place to put things that shouldn’t go down the drain.
  • You may notice that you have leaky pipes in the heat of the summer. Leaks can be because of tree roots, foundations shifting, the ground getting too dry, and high pressure from the plumbing that services your water sprinklers and garden hoses.
  • If you have exposed plumbing pipes, ultraviolet rays from the sun can weaken the pipes and even crack or break them. The cracks can form over an extended period, so inspecting them regularly for signs of damage is a terrific way to avoid a summer flood in your house.

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