Your Running Toilet Is Flushing Your Money Away

A leaking toilet is no joking matter. It can cause a lot of damage to your home and is literally like flushing money down the toilet. Wasted water means a higher water bill, making things way more expensive. If you suspect a toilet leak, there are a few ways you can check the signs.


Check Under the Lid


The first step should be to check under the lid of the toilet. See if there are any missing pieces or if any pieces are connected incorrectly. If the chain has become disconnected from the handle and lodged into the flap, the water will just keep running. If the water still won’t stop running, it sounds like you have a bigger problem.


Watch Your Water Bill


A good way to figure out if you have a leak is by checking your water bill. Any sudden changes may indicate a running toilet. If the significance is drastically different, the problem may have been happening for a long time. Compare this year’s water bill to last year’s water bill at the same time to get a baseline for comparison.


Food Dye Test


One of the best ways to test your toilet is with a small amount of food coloring. Color the water in the back of the tank with a few drops of food coloring and watch to see where it goes. Does it stay in the tank as it should? Does it escape into the toilet bowl? If you don’t see results at first, let the colored water sit for about 24 hours. If it is a slow leak, it may take more time to drip down into the bowl.


The Solution


Some solutions are an easy fix, while other ones require professional help. If you are not sure, it is always better to call the professionals. They can quickly diagnose the problem and repair it the right way the first time, saving you time and money in the end. Flowrite Plumbing is ready to help you tackle a leaky toilet. Give us a call today, and let’s stop flushing your money down the toilet once and for all.

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