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Residential and commercial sewer lines are a critical component of every plumbing system, and need to be adequately maintained at all times to prevent costly damage. Various problems can occur that will hinder proper drainage and optimal functioning, and it is up to you as the home or business owner to know what to watch for. Water and sewer mains are vital plumbing system elements and each serve counteracting purposes. Our local & licensed Citrus Heights plumbing team can help you reduce the chances of costly repairs.

The role of your Citrus Heights sewer lines
While water lines bring fresh supply into your home or building, their sewage counterparts safely expel wastewater into either a septic tank or municipal system. As you might imagine, the effects of a sewer main failing to do its job can be downright catastrophic. Imagine watching gallons of waste back up into your bathroom or kitchen after you innocently flushed the toilet or ran the garbage disposal. This kind of thing happens every day, and can easily lead to thousands of dollars in water damage.

What causes sewer lines to become blocked?

There are a number of reasons why your sewer line may currently be experiencing problems. This can range anywhere from accidental flushing of foreign objects (e.g. toys, an excessive amount of toilet paper, etc.) to a collapsed section of pipe to a penetrating tree root network. Some of these issues are understandably more significant than others, but nevertheless all need to be dealt with accordingly.

At Flowrite Plumbing in Citrus Heights, we have decades of experience working on sewer line cleaning, repair, and installation projects. Over the years, we have pretty much seen and done it all; utilizing commercial-grade equipment and a skilled crew of professional plumbers, we can have your Citrus Heights’ sewer lines in excellent shape in no time.

The importance of sewer main maintenance and upkeep
We want to remind residents of the importance of having their sewer mains periodically inspected and maintained, as the best way to avoid an expensive repair job is to stay proactive. As well, these are projects suited only for certified Citrus Heights’ plumbers.

Licensed and insured, Flowrite has everything needed to restore your sewer lines to their original functionality. We work diligently and efficiently to ensure a minimal amount of collateral damage (backed up sewage pipes are messy to say the least) occurs, and will not stop until your lines are fully fixed.

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