Is Your Water Heater Failing

Do you have inconsistent water temperatures and rumbling noises from your water heater, or are you simply questioning the efficiency of your aging water heater? These could be signs that your water heater is on the brink of failure. Flowrite Plumbing, a leading plumbing service provider in California, emphasizes the importance of recognizing these early […]

3 Key Indicators That Your Water Heater Needs Attention

A reliable water heater is essential in every household, often functioning seamlessly for years. Yet, like all appliances, water heaters can exhibit issues over time. Recognizing early warning signs can be crucial in addressing these problems promptly, preventing complete breakdowns, and ensuring continuous hot water supply. Critical Signs of Water Heater Issues Reduced Water Temperature: […]

3 Warning Signs That Your Water Heater May Be Breaking Down

Water heaters are a necessary part of every home, and they often last for many years without any problems. However, sometimes water heaters do break down, and it’s important to be able to tell the difference between a broken water heater and one that is just having some minor issues. Being aware of these signs […]

Why Knowing Your Shut-Off Valves Is So Important (And Where To Find Them)

When one thinks of leaks in their plumbing system, they often imagine small drops of water falling from pipes. However, it is important to know that, when it comes to leaks, this is not always the case. In fact, if a pipe bursts or there is another plumbing fixture malfunction, water can come gushing out […]

How to Save Money with a Tankless Water Heater

Do you know how efficient your home is when it comes to powering your appliances? Are you sure that every appliance in your home is only consuming as much power as it needs to run effectively without wasting energy? Some of the appliances in your home may be energy-efficient, and it may be time to […]

Skilled Trades Are the Unsung Homeowner Hero’s

Plumbers are probably one of the most under-appreciated people in history. They can keep the pipes and drains of our house clean, and they do so with minimal use of harmful chemicals or drain cleaners that are harmful to the pipes. These people can solve any plumbing issue and are not afraid to get their […]

Holiday Plumbing Checklist

The winter holiday season takes a lot of preparation for some homeowners in Citrus Heights, CA.  Consider following a checklist for your plumbing system, so that it works well throughout the winter months that you have guests and events. Consider upgrading your water heater if it is older. You may want to upgrade from a […]

5 Signs You Have a Water Line Leak

If you suspect that you have a water line leak at your home in Citrus Heights, California, then you may need to have a plumber inspect and repair your water line.  There are a few ways you can tell if it is, in fact, a water line leak at your property: If you notice that […]

7 Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Whether you need to replace a water heater in your Citrus Heights, California, home, or you need a new installation, a tankless water heater has many benefits.  You may be excited about endless hot water, which is one of the best benefits!  Tankless water heating units not only offer virtually instant hot water, but they […]

Common Water Heater Problems

It is important to know the typical water heater problems for tank-type water heaters, so you are aware of any solutions to the issues your water heater has.  Usually, when a water heater isn’t working correctly, a homeowner is ready to install a replacement because they don’t want to keep having it repaired. Water Leaks […]